In the post-pandemic scenario, people’s relationship with the house has been completely modified. The home gained the status of refuge, in addition to functions and attributions that may not even be new. But which were accelerated or consolidated during isolation. From working at home or in a hybrid regime (interspersing days at the office and at a distance), the need for an increasingly versatile home arose. Capable of meeting both professional demands and ensuring day-to-day care, like Hardwood flooring in St augustine

Having a space designed especially for the home office has become essential for a more comfortable and productive workday. But that, however, does not just consist of betting on an ergonomic table and chair. It is necessary to go further in decoration, such as defining an engaging color palette according to the environment and, above all, paying attention to the benefits that the floor can add to this project profile. But if you are still in doubt about which coating to choose for your home office. In this Tarkett Blog article , we separate 4 reasons for you to use the vinyl floor in the home office. Come with us!

Home Office: 4 reasons to choose vinyl flooring for your home office

  1. Acoustic comfort
    Distraction at home tops the list of problems faced in a home office. External conversations, noise of steps and even the sound of pets walking around the house can become a nuisance for concentration.

Therefore, to solve this problem, it is very important to invest in products that guarantee more acoustic comfort: in addition to insulating doors and frames, the floor has a direct influence on this aspect. Mainly in the propagation of the noise caused by the movement of people around the house.

Tarkett’s vinyl coverings, for example, provide much better acoustics when compared to other common floors on the market, such as laminate and porcelain.

  1. Low rolling resistance
    To work with practicality, having freedom of movement while sitting in a chair is very important. Whether reaching for nearby objects, multitasking, or simply stretching your body during breaks. Whatever the activity, the office chair should glide across the floor with ease.

Because it has a uniform surface and low rolling resistance, the vinyl floor facilitates the movement of the chair and other sliding objects around the room. However, this does not happen so well on floors such as porcelain tiles, which, due to the joints and unevenness between the pieces, often end up locking the furniture’s casters.

To further facilitate this movement on vinyl, choose chairs that offer polyurethane (PU) casters with a flat or silicone base. Because in addition to being ideal for vinyl flooring, they do not leave marks on the surface.

  1. Easy to clean
    Before or after a long day at work, losing valuable rest time cleaning the house is far from people’s desire, is it?

So to ensure a clean environment free of dust or bacteria that can cause allergies, vinyl is the perfect solution. Because it is anti-allergic and does not have such apparent joints, which can accumulate dirt and dust, the vinyl floor guarantees a more practical and faster cleaning than other coverings.

Therefore, keeping hygiene up to date is very simple, and you can check all the vinyl floor cleaning tips here

  1. Quick Installation
    If you are planning to renovate a room in your house to create a home office, the deadline for the work is always a concern. The more time is spent on renovation, the more money is invested and messy headaches become a nightmare.

But when choosing vinyl as your new floor, this won’t be a problem. In addition to the possibility of installing it over other coatings ( learn more here ), which avoids breakage and expenses with bucket. It’s vapt-vupt!😉

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