Among the solutions that companies can use to optimize their corporate spaces and provide functional and comfortable environments, room partitions are an excellent option, in which the glass partition stands out.

The dividing walls allow companies to reorganize workspaces quickly and safely, in addition to avoiding common disorders in construction sites. In addition, the new changes are simpler, as the partitions are easy to be rearranged, when choosing a glass wall art

Among the existing models, glass walls are currently in high demand because, among several benefits, they expand business spaces – increasing employee satisfaction – and confer sophistication.

With the beautiful effects they cause in environments, they can surprise customers with the modern touch and transparency of some sectors that relate to the public.

The benefits can be even greater, including budget savings!

See in our article some of these advantages of using a glass partition . They can help your company reach a higher level of professionalism and elegance!

Allows you to take advantage of natural lighting
This is undoubtedly one of the greatest benefits of installing a glass room divider, as it allows you to use external lighting for two important purposes:

1 – Stimulates the motivation and well-being of employees
In general, corporate spaces have little natural lighting , some sectors tend not to have windows. This creates a feeling of isolation and affects the well-being of employees , who spend many hours a day at work.

When we use the glass partition , we can expand external light to other sectors, providing contact with natural light and a positive effect on people’s bodies, especially on colder days.

Employees will work more willingly, increasing productivity.

2 – Reduces energy consumption
In times of water and energy crisis and high energy costs , glass partitions are essential. And how can they contribute?

By using partitions , allowing natural lighting to penetrate the environments, it is possible to reduce or avoid the use of internal light , reducing the cost of electricity .

In some regions of the country, seasons of the year and depending on the layout of the rooms and the number of glazed partitions , it is possible to use external light for most of the day, generating significant savings in a heavy expense in the companies’ budget.

Promotes communication and interaction among employees
If the transparency of glass partitions provides a healthier environment with external light in the environments , it can also contribute to a better climate and communication between employees.

Even though they are walls that separate sectors and have acoustic comfort to preserve privacy, glass partitions do not visually isolate, they allow employees to see each other.

This has a positive effect on the interaction between employees , eliminating isolation between departments and reinforcing the emotional connection of belonging to the company’s objectives.

Visual communication through partitions encourages close encounters and meetings. All of this contributes to improving the social climate among people and their satisfaction in being at the company.

Provides a sense of spaciousness
This is an advantage of glass that we know well in our homes: it creates an effect of amplitude in the environment , through the impression that there is continuity in it.

This effect is especially important in small workspaces , where furniture, desks and small windows tend to create the reverse effect of shrinkage.

The result is beneficial for employees as they feel like they are inside a larger, brighter workspace.

glass partition benefits
Creates a beautiful aesthetic result and impacts customers

The use of glass partitions is a trend in corporate decoration as it provides elegance and modernity to corporate environments , with its clean look .

Workspaces with glass partitions stand out in the eyes of customers, as they can see the operation of some sectors, such as reception and sales areas.

Transparency awakens a sense of confidence and credibility of the company in customers, favoring relationships in customer service.

It is important to remember that the organization of spaces is also essential for them to have the best impression of your company!

DIV Design glass partitions: quality and beauty in your company!
DIV DESIGN offers glass wall partitions with a distinctive design, made with high quality materials that guarantee durability and resistance in all types of environments.

They are developed to offer elegance and a differentiated and precise finish and their construction in glass blades brings lightness and provides a better use of spaces.

Bring your corporate project and together we will create the best solution in glass partitions for your company!

Features of the Light DIV Design Line
Versatility for use in workstations, rooms, entire sectors;
Made with laminated or tempered glass with a thickness between 8 and 12 millimeters;
Lapped, polished glass, mounted in the form of a dry joint, fixed with a distance of 1 millimeter between them;
Transparent silicone junction;
Blind doors in solid wood, made of agglomerated wood MDP or MDF in single or double framed glass;
If acoustic insulation is a condition, you can invest in an iron structure with double glazing or glazing.
DIV DESIGN is a company specialized in divisions of corporate environments , with an authorial and differentiated line, within the most innovative concepts of design and manufacturing methodology.

We work with all the most complex projects that require creativity and good taste. We perform everywhere in Brazil, always preserving the excellence of services.

Come meet our work and bring your project to form a partnership that will shine in every environment of your company!

Access the DIV Blog where you will always find news about products and innovations for the best use of corporate spaces.

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